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FDA / USDA / NSF Approved Fluoropolymer Coating

Specific fluoropolymer coatings are FDA and NSF compliant, USDA approved as per ISO 10993, and are used extensively in a variety of environments in which non-stick, insulating, and chemical or corrosive protective properties are paramount. We have a longstanding history of success in industries such as food and beverage processing and packaging, API, pharmaceutical and chemicals, and Petrochemical, Ore & Surface treatment.

Some Advantages of HALAR/ PTFE/ ETFE/ FEP/ PFA/ Coating/ Lining

- A Universal Chemical resistance

- Free from Maintenance easy to clean

- Safety while handling HAZARDOUS material.

- Higher Performance and lower cost than other exotic material like Hastelloy, titanium etc.

Here We offered some fluoropolymers,

Types of Lining / Coating

- ETFE Coating (TEFZEL Coating)

- HALAR Coating (ECTFE Coating)

- PVDF Coating (KYNAR Coating)

- PFA Coating (TEFLON Coating)

- PP Coating

- FEP Coating

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